Red Apron Recipes

Welcome to Red Apron Recipes!

This is where I showcase special treats, whether savory or sweet, healthy homemade mixes, and useful tips I’ve learned from living with less.

As a homesteader and a health-conscious label reader, I strive for self-reliance and unprocessed foods, whenever possible.

Why spend a fortune on store-bought food when you can make it cheaper and better yourself?

Why serve all those scary additives, mountains of sugar, and unhealthy oils, when you can start with ingredients that are good for you and your family and still taste great?

Red Apron Recipes-Desert Rain

Do you live off-the-grid, or in the middle of nowhere like I do?

Have you ever started a recipe only to find out you’re missing a key ingredient or don’t have a specific kitchen tool?

Here, I’ll share ways I’ve learned to deal with these challenges.

When you spot an asterisk* in my recipes, that means I offer an alternative in either ingredients, tools, or methods. I will place these at the bottom of the recipe for you.

I’d love to hear ways you’ve learned to adapt, too. Consider signing up to receive my posts, and we can learn together.

I am thankful to God for this home on the internet.

If Desert Rain is my front porch, then Red Apron Recipes is my kitchen. Come on in!

I love a good, step-by-step tutorial when I’m learning something new, so my recipes are detailed with lots of pictures (albeit not as stunning as I’d like due to my phone’s limitations and my amateur photography skills).

 Here’s a list of the latest Red Apron Recipes I hope you enjoy:

Rosemary Mini Biscuits

Good Stuff Granola Bars

Brown Butter Ghee

Summer Squash Aplenty Bread 

Cranberry Cherry Chutney

Simple Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Rosemary Sandies

Mock Bacon Bits

Brown Butter Brownies

You’re welcome to contact me with any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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